Standards Board

The Soil Association's Board of Trustees appoints Standards Board members, with the aim of ensuring a representative spread of appropriate expertise on the Board. The Standards Board is responsible to the Soil Association Board of Trustees for upholding organic principles in the Soil Association standards. It does this by overseeing their development and maintenance. It works in conjunction with the standards committees who provide the expert, technical input. The Standards Team provides the administration and management for the process. The Standards Board also guides the strategic direction of the Standards Team and agrees the annual work programme. You can read the Soil Association Standards Board and standards committees Terms of Reference here.

Standards Board members as at November 2015:

  • Sam Clarke: Independent Chair of the Standards Board
  • Mike Brook: Chair, Health Products Standards Committee
  • Haydn Evans: Farmer and Grower Board Chair and licensee
  • Benjamin Dent: Processing Standards Committee Chair
  • Simon Wright: Organic Trade Board representative
  • John Newman: Agriculture Standards Committee Chair
  • Martin Soble: Horticulture Standards Committee Chair
  • Abi Burns: Catering Mark Standards Committee Chair
  • Jimmie Hepburn: Aquaculture Standards Committee Chair
  • Rhiannon Rowley: Textile Standards Committee Chair
  • Tabitha Gillan: lay member
  • Anna-Louise Batchelor: lay member
  • Andrea Charlson: lay member
  • Annabel Allott: Soil Association Board of Trustees representative
  • Mick Westrip: grower representative