Organic baby food

Why choose organic baby food - what are the benefits?

Higher nutrition levels

Put simply, organic food is packed with nutrients. A baby's digestive system is more efficient than that of an adult at absorbing foods, enabling nutrients to be used more quickly.

No nasties

It is not just what organic food does contain, it is also what it does not that is important. A baby’s nervous, circulatory, and reproductive systems are all developing fast so it is vital that alien chemicals do not disrupt them during the growth phase. Immature kidneys are not as proficient at getting rid of harmful substances, so they may circulate in the body of a baby for longer.

Many additives are now being linked to health and behavioural problems, including Monosodium Glutamate, Brilliant Blue, Aspartame and Quinoline Yellow. Research has found that mixtures of the additives, which are commonly found in children’s food and snacks, have a much more potent effect on nerve cells than each additive on its own. All of these are banned under organic standards.

Fewer pesticides

Because a baby’s diet is often restricted to just a few types of less processed food, for example, apples, potatoes and carrots, they may receive higher exposures of pesticides and although the EU has set maximum levels for individual chemicals used in infant formula and baby foods, this does not take into account the cocktail effect of lots of pesticides. The best method of reducing exposure to potentially harmful pesticides would be to eat organically grown food, where their use is avoided.

Better for the environment

It's kinder to the environment too. Organic farming works with nature, not against it, and research shows that it's better for birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Farm animals are reared humanely and not routinely fed antibiotics to suppress disease or promote growth.

This brings us neatly full circle. The food you're putting in your child's mouth can actually help create a better world for him or her to grow up in.

Mother and children eating


Homemade baby food

You can make your own homemade baby food by choosing fresh organic ingredients - Soil Association organic fruit and vegetables are available via box scheme providers across the country.