Visit an organic farm

Hammonds End Farm, Hertfordshire

The Roberts Family has farmed at Hammonds End Farm since 1955. The farm is a 110 hectare mixed organic farm specialising in the production of quality grains for wind and water mills throughout the UK.

The family farm sustainably. This is underpinned by their current investment in woodland improvement, establishing new habitat, rich floral pastures and encouraging diversity of wildlife in smaller areas on the farm. Evidence of this is a recent survey that found 20 different species of bees.

Arranging a visit

We particularly welcome children of all ages to experience, first hand, a commercial organic farm working in harmony with nature.

Farm visits can be tailored for different schools, depending on their requirements. Topics can include livestock, crops, woodland and wildlife and discussion on how all these things contribute to a ‘complete’ food and farming system. For older groups the activities can encompass more detailed discussions relating to agricultural sustainability and the principles of organic production. Because of the wider variety of crops we grow we are well placed to discuss the wide use of cereals in food production.

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