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Sydling Brook Farm, Dorset

The Sydling estate is set at the head of the Sydling valley in West Dorset within an 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty'. The farm is organic and covers a number of valleys of rare chalk downland and provides the many natural springs that initiate the Sydling brook. Our land has extensive areas of ancient woodland, archaeological sites, lakes and an old river meadow. It is also home to numerous species of flowers, herbs and butterflies traditionally native to ancient downland such as ours. You might also be lucky enough to see some of our little egrets foraging amongst the pigs.

We believe in traditional mixed farming, farming based on rotations to naturally control pests and disease, to build soil fertility and to improve soil structure. There is no use of pesticides, only natural fertilisers, no GM and no routine use of antibiotics or additives. We endeavour to maximise biodiversity and have implemented numerous conservation and environmental schemes, such as extensive hedge planting and reversion of arable land to downland. These have the added benefit of multiplying the beneficial insects so necessary for organic farming. Homeopathy plays a large part in improving and maintaining our animals welfare. Simply put, we believe that happy animals grazing on home grown fodder, maturing slowly, produce wonderful meat.

We have selected high quality pedigree stock from traditional and rare British breeds which are particularly suited to thrive in our conditions. They have strong maternal instincts and mature well on 'natural inputs'. They are extensively grazed, weaned late and matured slowly, with a strong emphasis on achieving the highest health status. Our animals are treated with great care and respect, thus minimising stress.


Our herd of British Saddleback pigs are encouraged to forage over frequently changing pasture and their diet is supplemented with seasonal feed such as beans, clover, barley and potatoes. They are happy, playful and intelligent, they make great mothers and love wallowing and rooting around, producing meat undoubtedly rich in flavour.


We have chosen three old and hardy breeds, the local Poll Dorset, which lamb in the autumn and the Lleyn, a Welsh lowland breed, which lamb in the spring and hardy Hebridean sheep. We can therefore supply lamb throughout the year. The breeds are run as 'closed flocks' and they graze extensively over our herb-rich downland and fertile clover leys.


Our main herd is Aberdeen Angus but we also have the very traditional Longhorn. Both are traditional British breeds of docile nature that love to be out grazing. Our chosen method of weaning late and maturing slowly produces particularly tender and succulent beef.

Chickens and turkeys

We have a small flock, of slow growing table birds, roaming over clover leys. Dense fleshed and amazingly flavoursome. We raise a small number of Norfolk black turkeys for Christmas, an unmodernised breed with a gamey flavour.

Farm shop and visitors

Farm produce and other local food is available in the shop in the heart of the estate. A number of open days and guided walks are held during the year and visitors are welcome to walk the farm trail. Group tours are available by arrangement.  

How to get there       

By bike: Find your route on the Sustrans website         

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  • Sydling Brook Farm, Sydling St Nicholas, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 9PQ  
  • T: 01300 341992          
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