Visit an organic farm

Perridge Farm, Somerset

Perridge and Old Burford Farms form a 180 hectare dairy, beef and arable farm on the south of the Mendip Hills. There are wonderful views across the Vale of Avalon to Glastonbury Tor.

Organic cattle

Since the 1950s the farm has kept a herd of Guernsey (and a few Jersey) dairy cows, but today they are fast becoming a rare breed. They are a sight to behold as they graze the clover pastures and the milk that they produce is full of flavour. From these cows the award-winning beef calves are born. These too take their turn at the rich pasture and are fed only home-cereals as a supplement during the winter months.


The farm is an ornithologist’s dream with buzzards circling, heron, woodpeckers, finches, tits and thrushes, and the blue flash of the occasional kingfisher along the Burford stream. Insects thrive in the clover rich pastures with 100s of bees working in the fields when in flower.

Home delivery scheme

Brown Cow Organics offers a home delivery service of everything produced on the farm, as well as produce from other local organic farms. The unbroken chain of quality leads to a meat of outstanding flavour, and rich in important omega 3 fatty acids. Sheila Dillon of Radio 4’s The Food Programme described the beef as 'the most stunningly delicious piece of meat that I have ever tasted'.

Vegetables and bees

The vegetable enterprise at the end of the farm trail is an exciting new venture that you can watch develop over time. In a small apiary in the orchard are bees that gather nectar from the wildflowers and herbs - busy with one of the most important jobs the world will ever know, that of pollination. The vegetables and honey are sold direct to local people.

Visitors and open days

A farm trail leads through the pastures and green lanes. The farm holds various open days and events during the year and conference facilities are available. One of the farm partners is a veterinary surgeon who organises courses in animal and soil nutrition, and organic livestock health and husbandry. Please contact the farm to arrange a visit, find out about events or walk the farm trail.  

How to get there   

By road: Heading south on the A361 out of Shepton Mallet, turn right off the main road by the village shop in Pilton. Continue for about one mile until you reach the crossroads. Park here and you will find Perridge Farm is to your right.  
By bike: Find your route on the Sustrans website         

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