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Lower Roundhurst Farm, West Sussex

Lower Roundhurst Farm lies in the rolling Sussex countryside on the eastern slopes of Blackdown. Owners Moya and Richard Connell and farm manager Paul Kerry are fully committed to the ideals of sustainable farming and their responsibilities as stewards of the countryside. They are keen to share this passion with others so please contact the farm to arrange a visit…

Organic cattle

Sussex cattle have evolved over hundreds of years from the red cattle that inhabited the forests of the Weald at the time of the Norman Conquest. The Lower Roundhurst Sussex herd has grown steadily to 45 head of breeding cows. Sussex cattle, with their rich red glossy coats, were chosen for their fine textured meat, calm temperament and the ease to which they adapt to organic conditions. They calf easily and regularly, producing healthy, lively calves in Spring and Autumn and are naturally non selective grazers, efficiently converting both rich and rough pastures into milk for their calves and superb meat for the market.

Organic sheep and pigs

The farm has an expanding flock of 40 South Down sheep. Like the Sussex cattle, this breed of sheep is also native to the area and they are easily recognised by their woolly legs and “teddy bear” faces. Delightful, golden, Tamworth pigs and black Berkshire pigs can be seen rooting in the clay soil.

Direct sales

We are delighted to offer customers the ability to trace the source of their food from our fields to their plates. Produce can be bought direct from the farm or at local farmers markets. All our organic beef is hung on the bone for at least three weeks. This traditional method produces an exceptional, tender meat, a fine texture and outstanding flavour.

Open days and events

Customers are welcome to come and see our handsome mahogany coloured cattle at our farm. Open days and other events are published on our farm website's events page. Contact us to arrange a visit. We look forward to welcoming you at Lower Roundhurst Farm.  

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By bike: Find your route on the Sustrans website         

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