Visit an organic farm

Lake House Farm, Wiltshire

Lake House Farm lies in the Woodford Valley, close to the ancient site of Stonehenge. The Sumner family’s organic farm is 165 acres and is protected by an environmental management scheme. It is divided into two sections: around the old Jacobean house are the permanent old pastures, the apple orchards and the milking barn. Up on the Top Land, where buzzards and curlews wheel in the thermal updrafts, the lie of the land is very different, free-draining chalk downland.

Organic Livestock

Many of the animals are Rare or Native Breeds, such as the White Park cattle, the Gloucester Old Spot and Saddleback pigs and the Lleyn sheep. Breeding them helps to conserve and protect these ancient types from falling into extinction. The farm harvests its own hay, so the winter feed is local. The dairy herd is Guernsey, producing lovely creamy milk, which is turn becomes delicious butter, cream and cheese.

Lake House Organics

The farm markets its own brand of preserves, jams and chutneys, launched exclusively in 2007 at Selfridges in London, and expanding nationally in 2008. Products to date are Beetroot Chutney, Gooseberry Mint and Sage Jelly, Blackcurrant jam and Raspberry Jam. Watch this space for new products coming soon.


All farm machinery is run on bio-diesel. Solar power is used to generate the hot water for the dairy and for the lambing barn. Solar units generate the electricity for the fencing. A composting toilet is installed for guests use. Home grown composting is used throughout the estate for all fertilising needs. Surplus or spoilt vegetables and the whey from the milking are all fed back to the pigs. The pigs in turn do their bit by helping to break up the ground for planting and clearing the weeds.


A vegetable and meat box scheme has been available for some years to customers within a ten mile radius of the farm, and plans are in place to expand sales. Lake House also takes a stall at the local country markets. Vegetables are seasonally available only. Meat options include sausages, burgers, minced meat, chickens, and all cuts of joint. Eggs are also sold. Animals are sent to a local abattoir and butchers which reduces stress and food miles, the meat is hung to improve the flavour and the tenderness.

Educational Visits

At Lake House Farm, schools are encouraged to connect children to the countryside and the principles of organic farming, by free day trips which includes a delicious lunch from the estate. Mutual understanding of where food comes from and how it is produced is the focus of our fun and friendly tours.   

Arranging a visit

Visits by prior appointment only. Schools and groups are welcome to contact the farm before visiting for directions and to arrange your trip.

How to get there

Railway stations are at Salisbury and Andover. A bus service runs from Salisbury.
By car: Lake House Farm is 3 miles from the small town of Amesbury, which is a junction off the A303.

Contact details

  • Ian Hulme, Lake House Farm, Wilsford-cum-Lake, Nr. Salisbury, Wiltshire SP4 7BP
  • T: 01980 626 203
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