Visit an organic farm

Growing with Grace, Lancashire

We have 2.5 acres of  land most of which is greenhouses.We grow entirely organically a wide variety of vegetables from broccoli and salad leaves to peppers and tomatoes. Growing With Grace supplies local and passing trade through our on site shop and also runs a vegetable and fruit box scheme that delivers to the surrounding area.


Growing With Grace (GWG) is a social enterprise fully committed to sustainable practices which uses organic methods. Green garden waste is collected locally by the council and delivered to GWG. This material goes through an aerobic process on site, maintained at a temperature of 65 degrees celcius for a minimum of seven days, this produces a rich compost which is then used through the greenhouses to grow crops which are harvested and delivered back to the local community. There is  bio-diesel production on site run by Clapham Community Project, that produces bio-diesel from waste fat, collected from the local food businesses. The van that delivers our boxes is run on the bio-diesel produced on site.

Growing with Grace is striving to achieve sustainable practices throughout the business that looks after the environment whilst also accessing local resources that can be re-cycled back to the local community in a useful way. We have a demonstration Forest Garden based on Permaculture principles to show how fruit trees can be grown in the North of England under glass and how working with nature can enhance productivity of crops. There is a herb spiral created from old car and bike tyres, which are perfect for absorbing the heat of the day and also containing plants that may spread too much. It is built quite tall to allow some plants a great deal of light but also a small pond shade and damp conditions for those plants that thrive in the shade.

GWG reduces the amount of plastic that needs to be bought in by propagating a lot of its seeds using blocks. We produce our own liquid feed for the seedlings by collecting the juice of comfrey and nettle leaves, grown on site, these are rich in a variety of nutrients. Our delivery scheme uses cardboard boxes that are returned by the customer for re-use. Rain water is collected an used to water the crops.

GWG now has 16 workers, two of whom are full-time, the rest are part-time. Rather than specialising, the workers are involved in a whole range of different tasks – growing produce, creating compost, working in the shop, packing and delivering vegetable boxes, looking after the accounts and maintenance work.

Educational visits

We are certified by CEVAS  to ensure that visitors will have a safe and valuable experience when they come to the greenhouses.

What to expect on a visit:
  • Information and a tour of the compost production area.
  • Information and a look at the bio-diesel production.
  • A tour of the greenhouses including tasting available crops.
  • Exploration of  the pond life.
  • Spring – Sowing seeds, weeding, planting.
  • Summer – Sowing seeds, weeding, planting, harvesting.
  • Autumn – Harvesting, weeding, clearing old crops.
We are able to accommodate ages from 5 – 18 in groups of up to 40 with adequate adult supervision. There is a toilet on site and under cover areas for eating a packed lunch.

Arranging a visit   

Schools and groups are welcomed, as well as individuals. A small charge is made for schools and groups. Individuals can drop in anytime when there are people working on site. Please see the website for details.  

How to get there   

Growing with Grace can be found on the A65 in the village of Clapham.  

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