Marketing resources

To help raise public awareness and understanding of the benefits of organic we've developed some useful resources to help businesses communicate with customers.

Nutritional research - 'Organic IS Different'

Following the publication in the British Journal of Nutrition on Tuesday 15 July 2014 of research concluding there are significant differences in the nutritional content of organic and non-organic crops we have made available some simple marketing resources that you can download here and use free of charge to help share information about the research and point your online audiences to it.

Organic versus non-organic cover

A PDF version of the small booklet titled ‘Organic versus Non-organic. A new evaluation of nutritional difference - crops’, produced by the researchers provides an insight into the study and the key findings.

We’ve got thousands of hard copies of this booklet available and we would be delighted if Soil Association licensees wanted to distribute copies to customers or staff. To order copies please contact our Client Services team by emailing or call 0117 914 2411.

Please share the exciting news about this research far and wide.

Website banners

The web banner graphic above is available to download in a variety of the sizes below. Click on the size you want and when the image appears in your browser right click and select 'Save image as...' The banner will then download.

(When using any of the above banners on a website please add the following alt text to the HTML for accessibility purposes: Organic is different.How we farm can affect the quality of the food we eat. Research published in the British Journal of Nutrition has found significant differences between organic and non-organic farming. Find out more. Soil Association.) 

Poster (A3) and flyer (A5)


The graphic above is available to download as a PDF in the sizes below if you want to print and display them your customers. 

Organic fruit and veg leaflet

Organic veg leafletFollowing feedback from our certified growers we have created a leaflet to help you market your organic fruit and veg, and to educate about 'organic' more widely. It is available for Soil Association licensees to download here, and we also have hard copies available to order free of charge.

The leaflet reinforces the many environmental benefits to growing organically, as well as highlighting the nutritional differences found in a recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition. It is designed both for your existing customers; to inform and inspire them about their reasons for choosing organic; or it can be distributed more widely to help generate new business. There is a space on the back where you can attach a sticky label with your farm details on it – if you don’t have a printer let us know and we can print some for you.

If you don’t sell directly to the public you are still welcome to order and distribute some to help spread the organic message. You could send it out in your veg box, display it on your market stall or farm shop, or distribute it in local community spaces such as the library, school or village hall.

To place a free order for up to 500 copies please contact our client services team on 0117 914 2412 or at

image "We wanted to make a difference to the world, so the use of organic fabrics was extremely important. Using organic cotton is not only better for the whole supply chain, but for the wearer too."