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As the organic market continues to grow, the Soil Association believes this is a crucial moment for everyone in the organic movement to come together with a clear and consistent message to consumers. Soil Association Certification is committed to building the organic market and working in partnership with our licensees. We want more consumers to understand what organic is and recognise the Soil Association organic symbol - a symbol which has already gained the trust, respect and confidence of consumers and producers.

With your help, we can reach a wider consumer audience and build awareness of what organic is and the reasons to buy. We are therefore pleased to offer you a range of new consumer marketing resources which have been developed for different sectors and settings and tailored for specific audiences. The resources are designed to help you communicate with your customers.

5 reasons to choose organic 

For each sector there are different resources which can either be used together or individually as standalone pieces. All very visibly display the Soil Association organic symbol and where appropriate highlight the added benefits of Soil Association certified organic.

Marketing materials 

The materials currently available free of charge for Soill Association licensees include; 

Content tool kit

We’ve created a content tool kit to help support our licensees with easy to digest messaging around what organic is and what the benefits are. Our hope is that this will strengthen consumer understanding of the benefits if they are consistency receiving the same messaging.

We believe that there is strong scientific evidence to back up most of the benefits that those of us involved in organic farming and food know it delivers. For decades the Soil Association has worked tirelessly to help prove the key tangible consumer benefits of organic food and farming and has regularly published guidance on approved statements.

The tool kit includes:

  • What you can say when selling organic food – an updated version of the 2014 CAP Copy reviewed guide.
  • What is organic – a general explanation written in an easy to digest blog format.
  • 8 organic benefits – a short explanation of the benefits to compliment the explanation of what organic means.
  • Key messages 

Using the tool kit for your own marketing content

We have sought advice from the CAP Copy Advice team on aspects of the tool kit. The Copy Advice team provide guidance on the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (the CAP Code) although it is designed to reflect the law, the Code does not cover marketers’ legal or other obligations, which remain the marketer’s responsibility.Once you have decided to use piece of content, we strongly recommend you then check with Copy Advice. The context in which it is used, and any associated imagery, can alter the meaning of the words.

Ordering materials

To request your free toolkit, please contact the Marketing Team on