Affinity partnerships

We are keen to work with business partners who share our core values of sustainability. Through targeted web and publication based promotion we can access 150,000 supporters who are interested in organic, sustainable and ethical issues.

By contributing to our organisation’s core funds you will enable us to build a growing movement for change that is both resilient and sustainable, providing practical solutions to issues of climate change food security and plant, animal and human health.

Case study: Triodos Bank

Through the 'Organic Saver' account, Triodos customers donate the equivalent of 0.25% of the average balance of funds each year. Mailings are sent to our membership base of 22,000 and both organisations promote the offer through our websites.

Through our partnership, Triodos have managed to attract new committed customers to while contributed over £30,000 towards the work of the Soil Association.

If you would like to discuss how to apply to become a sustainable partner, please contact