Our campaigns

Together we have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of organic consumers with our key campaign messages. You can help build the organic movement and strengthen the case for organic food and farming by encouraging your customers to get involved in our campaigns.

Save Our Seeds

The Soil Association’s latest campaign, Save Our Seeds, is raising awareness of the proposed EU legislation on "Plant Reproductive Material" or the Seeds Regulation, which we believe threatens the business of seed companies selling to small growers and amateur gardeners.

We are asking individuals to grow some open pollinated seed, and (where not protected by Plant Breeders Rights or Patents) save and share it with other growers, as well as support our efforts to affect the legislation at European. Through this campaign we hope to promote the complexity and importance of maintaining agricultural diversity, as well as encouage the public to get a more practical understanding of these issues. Once people have this understanding they are more likely to support organic and smaller seed companies, and we hope, to buy from growers who do the same – or even potentially become producers/suppliers of seed to existing organic seed businesses.

If you want to share the campaign with your customers you can download the campaign graphic and resize it to your needs, or use these social media shares.

  • Download the campaign logo and the web banner
  • Facebook share: Help us and the Soil Association fight new EU legislation and major corporations so we can protect our horticultural and agricultural biodiversity and reclaim control of our seeds for future generations. Help #SaveOurSeeds today: http://bit.ly/1fECQDE
  • Twitter share: Join us and the @SoilAssociation and take action to #SaveOurSeeds - donate today http://bit.ly/1fECQDE

You can find more details of the campaign here, or if you want to support it yourself make a donation here.

Keep Britain Buzzing

The Soil Association is campaigning to help save the bees and keep Britain buzzing. We want to see a ban on all neonicotinoid pesticides. We want to raise awareness that organic farming is good for bees because it doesn’t rely on pesticides. You can communicate your commitment to bee-friendly organic farming and help save the bees by downloading our Keep Britain Buzzing toolkit today.

The toolkit includes banners to host on your website (in a variety of sizes), images to use on social media, text to use on your website and in e-newsletters, and see below for instructions on how to make the most of this opportunity to ensure you customers know organic food and farming is the bee-friendly choice.

Connecting with the campaign on social media

Start by following us on Facebook and Twitter

Now you will receive campaign updates via social media, which you can retweet and repost. It’s more powerful for your followers if you tell them your personal reasons for supporting the campaign but if you’d prefer to use ours here are some ready-made Tweets and Facebook posts.

On Twitter

  • #SavetheBees support @SoilAssociation #KeepBritainBuzzing campaign and get free bee-friendly seeds + campaign badge bit.ly/TCxu0O
  • #Save the Bees & #KeepBritainBuzzing and get a packet of bee-friendly seeds (and a badge!) from our friends @SoilAssociation bit.ly/TCxu0O
  • Organic farming is good for bees beecause it doesn’t rely on pesticides choose #organic and #KeepBritainBuzzing bit.ly/TCxu0O
  • Don’t worry bee happy #organic farming is bee-friendly farming choose #organic and #KeepBritainBuzzing bit.ly/TCxu0O

TIP: link all your images, web banners, tweets and facebooks to www.soilassociation.org/keepbritainbuzzing.

On Facebook

  • Britain’s bees are in trouble and the Soil Association needs your help to Keep Britain Buzzing! Support the campaign to ban all neonicotinoid pesticides and promote bee-friendly organic farming and they'll send you a campaign badge & free bee-friendly organic seeds to plant http://bit.ly/VjACQF

TIP: Images work really well on Facebook, so try uploading any of the images from the toolkit directly to your page and including a link to the Keep Britain Buzzing page in the comment box.

Save our seedsThis logo for the Save Our Seeds campaign can downloaded along with the banner to add to your own site.