Corporate giving

We welcome all corporate donations including gifts in kind, which allow us to further our aims. We have a range of funding opportunities that cover both our overall work and specific projects.

Unrestricted donations provide vital financial support towards the running of our organisation. They allow us to react quickly to threats and opportunities with hard hitting campaigns and press support. Specific project funding or part funding covers the work that we do; encouraging learning and participation, working towards future farming solutions and creating sustainable markets.

Should you choose to support us in this way we will keep you up to date with our progress through biannual reports and mailings and you will be  recognised within the partner pages of our website and annual review.

For example:

  • £5,000 would allow us to add five new farms to our organic farms network. This would provide essential learning opportunities for thousands of young people. The network currently has over 100 farms welcoming almost a million visitors a year.
  • £5,000 would help cover the costs of our information service, which proactively informs and updates policy-makers on the very latest research, highlighting the benefits of sustainable food and farming
  • £4,000 could help towards the provision of on-farm training and learning opportunities for new and young entrants including developing a work experience programme and an organic apprenticeship scheme for young people.
  • £4,000 could fund Food for Life Partnership bursaries for up to 10 disadvantaged schools a year in England or Scotland. Bursary support could include organic farm visits for pupils, funding for school cook training in fresh food preparation and cooking
  • £3,000 would enable us to attend a large-scale event, such as a party political conference, to engage with policy makers and raise awareness of the benefits of organic food and farming
  • £50,000 would enable us to produce a report on a major issue such as the future impact of GM or animal cloning.
For more information, please contact us on 0117 314 5000.