DEAL – Economic Development through Local Food

DEAL is a French acronym meaning Economic Development through Local Food. It is a two year Interreg Programme involving French and English Partners across the Channel, to study and develop local food systems, whilst sharing our learning experiences.

What will it do?

Partners will work together on four work packages in order to:

  1. Understand the context and development of challenges of short food supply chains in their local area and identify existing good practice in the Channel area and beyond through research and diagnosis;
  2. Conduct awareness raising actions and training for local stakeholders; through raising the awareness of the buyers (caterers, retailers, citizens, communities, pupils) of local produce and also by supporting producers and distributors to be able to supply this new demand (farmers, artisans, public sector caterers);
  3. Carry out concrete actions to link local supply with demand;
  4. Create financial leverage through the actions developed and to provide practical and transferable tools and methods to other players in the Channel area. A dissemination strategy will be established for this purpose, this work package also includes actions to control and manage the project.

Cross-border study trips and meetings

In order to achieve objectives and share learning, partners will meet every three months:

  • Meeting in Rouen: January 2013
  • Meeting in Portsmouth and New Forest: March 2013
  • Meeting in St Brieuc: June 2013
  • Meeting in Plymouth: September 2013

Who is involved?

12 organisations from various backgrounds are part of this Interreg programme:

  • Soil Association
  • Le Conseil General des Cotes d’Armor
  • Le Conseil General du Calvados
  • Community First
  • La Chambre des Metiers et de l’Artisanat des Cotes d’Armor
  • New Forest District Council Le Conseil General d’Ile et Vilaine
  • Highbury College
  • Terre de liens
  • La Communaute Urbaine d’Alencon
  • La Federation Regionale CIVAM Bretagne
  • Solent Skill Quest

The Soil Association is participating in this project, as the coordinator of Food Plymouth. Food Plymouth is a city wide, cross sector partnership to further the aims of the Plymouth Food Charter and Sustainable Food City Action Plan.

Want to find out more?

If you wish to get more information about the DEAL project, please contact:

SFC Short Food Supply Chains: An EU Interreg Project

From June to December 2012, Plymouth and Rennes worked together to explore and research short supply chains to support local and sustainable food systems. The organisations involved in this partnership were the Soil Association and the FR CIVAM Bretagne. Food Plymouth, as a city wide and cross sector partnership working to further the aims of the Plymouth Food Charter contributed to the project.

Food Plymouth

Soil Association