Triodos Bank

By eating and shopping organically you are making a genuine difference to our environment. But now you can join thousands of people who have chosen to save organically too.

Triodos has focused on the organic sector since it started and today works with producers and farms all over the country, employing the UK’s only dedicated organic farming bankers. And they've done this by lending money saved by a large and growing movement of people who want to know that their money will only be used to support positive environmental and social projects.

Unlike any other commercial bank in the UK, Triodos tells customers exactly how it uses their money in an annual comprehensive list. It's really that simple. 

Why save with Triodos Bank?

Triodos offers a range of savings accounts from tax-free ISAs to easy access online savings and from fixed term Bonds to Charity Saver accounts.  
If you're looking for a way to invest your savings ethically whilst still getting a good return on your money, switch to sustainable banking with Triodos. Your savings will help to tackle some of today's most urgent environmental and social issues.

Open an account with Triodos Bank, deposit £100 or more and they'll donate £40 to the Soil Association (see terms and conditions)

The Organic Saver

"The Organic Saver turns my money into something really worth having. I enjoy a healthy return on my savings and I know my money is bringing real and lasting benefits to the environment and us all." Organic Saver - Derek Rudd, Stourbridge

Open an Organic Saver account and your savings will also support the Soil Association’s vital work as Triodos will donate the equivalent of 0.25% of the average balance of funds held in your account each year to the Soil Association. Over £372,500 has already been donated in this way. What’s more, the money you deposit in the Organic Saver account, will only be used to support the UK’s most inspiring organic enterprises.

  • The Organic Saver is a simple and secure savings account with a fair rate of interest.
  • The more you save the more Triodos Bank donates.
  • You will have a direct connection with your money and some of the UK’s most innovative organic projects.
  • You will be part of a dynamic movement bringing positive environment, social and cultural benefits.
  • Find out more about the Triodos Organic Saver account (Terms and conditions apply)

Finance for organic businesses

Triodos can help you grow your business organically, from providing a loan to fund the next stage of your development to taking care of all your everyday banking needs, providing a service that’s as comprehensive as it’s sustainable.

“We wanted to build a relationship with a bank which has shared ethics, a knowledge of the organic sector and which can really understand our business and the long-term goals we aim to achieve. Triodos is the perfect fit.” - Mike Kitchen, Founder, Rocket Gardens.

Triodos Bank NV is incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands with limited liability, registered in England and Wales BR3012. Authorised by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for the conduct of UK business. FSA reference number 183366.