Rawganic from Marshall Curtis

Soil Association symbolLocation: stocked in stores nationwide
For all Soil Association members! Buy a pack of our Rawganic organic cotton wipes online or from one of our stockists, then email info@marshallcurtis.com with the batch number and your Soil Association membership number and we will send you another pack absolutely FREE.

RawganicWe at Rawganic believe that what you put on your skin matters. Our whole range is Soil Association certified and made in the U.K. The cotton in our facial wipes is organic, non-GM and grown without synthetic pesticides: good for both skin and field. We are a family-run business based in Oxfordshire and are some of the cleanest people in England! We do not need harsh, synthetic chemicals because we pack our products full of the best quality ingredients that work. Your skin is your biggest organ: it deserves to be pampered, not put upon!

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