The Story: Organic Meat Delivery

Soil Association symbolLocation: Compton Martin, Somerset
Spend over £50 or order with us for the first time and you can choose one of the following: a pack of burgers, a pack of chicken thighs or a 5% discount. Please quote your Soil Association membership number.

The StoryThe Story began in 2004 when Luke and Jim each took over their small family farms in the Chew Valley. It did not take them long to realise they shared the same vision, to work with nature and to produce the highest quality organic produce.

Last year the Story expanded welcoming Wrington farmers Bill and Emma to the partnership. With their help we are now able to offer beef and chicken to your door in the Bristol and surrounding area and pork and lamb on a seasonal basis.

To make an order of find out a bit more please call us on 01934 861 033 or visit our website.

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