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Mother Earth Journal subscription
Mother Earth Journal subscription
Publisher: Soil Association
Size: A5
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Mother Earth Journal

Published twice a year in A5 journal format, Mother Earth complements both Organic Farming and Living Earth, providing in-depth comment and analysis on the intellectual, political and practical issues emerging from the organic movement, as well as celebrating the philosophy, history and successes of the organic pioneers.

Mother Earth offers readers a greater sense of the history of the organic movement, as well as the deeper meanings of what is going on now in the world of food and farming – and how the future may unfold.”
Charles Dowding, author of ‘Organic Gardening: The No-Dig Way’.

In the current issue (Volume 8: Summer 2013):

  • Organic farming - is it still a profitable enterprise? by Martin Davies
  • A view from the fields – is our economic system a barrier to organic growing? by Collette Haynes
  • ‘Progressive’ farmer or ‘real’ farmer – What’s in a name? by Mike Gooding
  • The Cycle of Life – The Soil Association’s first forays into film making by Tim Young
  • The master and his emissary by Philip Conford