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Organic farming funding support in Scotland

05 February 2016

Farmers and growers in Scotland have the opportunity to apply for organic conversion and organic maintenance payments, until the deadline of 15 April 2016.

Soil Association launches new aquaculture standards

01 February 2016

Today, 1 February 2016, the Soil Association launches its new updated standards for organic aquaculture and seaweed, the first to be released from a wider standards review. These standards feature higher requirements than EU regulation in certain ar...

Scotland launches new organic action plan

27 January 2016

Today the Scottish Organic Forum launched Organic Ambitions, the new organic action plan for Scotland.

New research exposes secret cocktail of toxic pesticides in hedgerows and wildflowers

04 January 2016

Scientists at Sussex University have discovered that bees are exposed to a chemical cocktail when feeding from wildflowers growing next to neonicotinoid treated crops in UK farmland. These chemical cocktails could make the impact of neonicotinoids u...

Events for the New Year! SOIL: Knowing what you’ve got & making it work for you

01 December 2015

Practical hands-on day with James Bretherton, Agscope. Includes BYO soil & soil analysis session: Wednesday 20th January, Glenluce Thursday 21st January, Thankerton Friday 22nd January, Galashiels Tuesday 16th February, Tain Wednesday 17th February,...

Soil Association launches food and drink standards consultation

01 December 2015

The Soil Association is consulting on proposed changes to its organic food and drink standards which cover food and drink manufacturing, packaging and labelling. Everyone with an interest in these areas is encouraged to take part in the public consu...

Achieving Healthy and Sustainable Food in Edinburgh Universities and Colleges

24 November 2015

On 12 November 2015, Food for Life Scotland ran an event in Edinburgh in association with Food Researchers in Edinburgh (FRiED) which was created in order for senior professionals from across the tertiary education sector to help identify the major ...

Progressive farming partnership launches new network of Innovative Farmers

23 November 2015

On 11 November at the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Offices, Edinburgh, an unprecedented partnership of farming groups launched a new network to support innovation by farmers. ‘Innovative Farmers’ gives farmers research support and funding on their own ...

Field Labs: an opportunity to test ideas

23 November 2015

Have you ever wanted to find out if doing something different on your farm actually makes a difference? Or have you heard of a different way of doing things, but you’re just not sure if it will be worth it? Field Labs work out effective practical ap...

North Ayrshire serves up gold standard

17 November 2015

North Ayrshire Council continues to lead the way in public sector catering after achieving the Soil Association’s Gold Food for Life Catering Mark for the third year running, serving fresh and healthy meals made with local and organic ingredients. G...
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