Lets go greener together

08 May 2013

Soil Association Scotland is delighted to be working with the Scottish Government to help highlight the ‘Go Greener Together’ campaign. Have you heard about it?

Greener ScotlandPeople across Scotland are being encouraged to ‘Go Greener Together’ and to help make Scotland a cleaner, greener place to live.

Whether at home, at work or in the community, we all need to consider how we – and the people we live and work with – could be greener, and what we can do to help Scotland’s environment now and in the future.

Taking action now will help make Scotland cleaner and greener for all of us.

Find out what you can do to get involved and go greener by visiting www.greenerscotland.org/my-greener-plan for more information and advice.

Eating greener with Food for Life Scotland…

Eating greener - which could include buying, cooking and eating fresh, seasonal, local and organic ingredients - is something that everyone should be able to do, whether we are at home, at work or when we are out and about.

The Soil Association’s Food for Life Scotland programme is working with caterers in the private and public sectors to improve the food served in schools, nurseries, universities, leisure outlets and workplaces across the country, so we can all eat food that is good for us and the planet.

Find out more about Food for Life Scotland and have a look for the Food for Life Catering Mark near you…

Send in your stories

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