Fallen stock assistance

05 April 2013

The Scottish Government has made available £500,000 to help farmers meet the costs of disposing of animals lost due to the current severe weather.

Details of the scheme are still being finalised but it will work on similar principles to 2010. The amount payable per animal will depend on the number of casualties. To take advantage of the compensation scheme farmers need to be members of the Fallen Stock Company and have their animals collected by a firm that is also a member. Scottish Government staff can be contacted on 0300 244 9340.

Help for weather-affected farmers in crisis

If the difficulties caused by the weather that continues to affect us has brought your farming business in to crisis, please contact RSABI or GATEPOST and they  will then be able to see if they can provide some financial assistance towards household expenses and towards other help which may focus on keeping things going until better conditions prevail. To contact RSABI, call 0131 472 4166 or visit www.rsabi.org.uk

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