12 November deadline to comment on Scotland's Organic Action Plan

04 November 2010

Soil Association members have until Friday 12 November to comment on the draft Organic Action Plan action.

The Scottish Government has been working with organic stakeholders in the Scottish Organic Forum to develop a new Scottish Organic Action Plan. The Action Plan will be delivered in partnership with the industry and will be subject to review on a regular basis to ensure that it is focussed and reflects the aspirations of the Scottish organic sector.

The Scottish Government would welcome views from Soil Association members on the draft Organic Action Plan action points (see link below) and would particularly welcome suggestions, additions or deletions. When looking at the draft action points please consider:

  • If these actions are relevant fit the current needs of the Scottish organic sector?
  • Actions must be realistic and achievable. Do you think these actions are deliverable, if not why not and how could they be improved and made smarter?
  • The top five actions that you feel are absolutely necessary and why - this will help prioritise.

Please return your comments in writing by 12 November 2010 to Kirsten.Beddows@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

Once all the responses have been received, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Organic Forum will consider everyone's views in finalising the Organic Action Plan. The Scottish Organic Forum will then agree the final actions before the Plan is presented to Ministers for their approval.

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