London Farm Academy Programme

This is an exciting three year project involving 15 London schools (both primary and secondary). This year we are focussing on developing a programme for Academy status schools, helping them develop a ‘farm academy’ in the school and fully integrate food and farming into the curriculum. The schools will firstly go on residential visits to organic farms where they will take part in a variety of activities that will develop their educational awareness around food and farming.

On their return to school the pupils will be encouraged and supported in setting up school farmers' markets on a termly basis at which they can sell their own school grown produce. The markets will also support small, local producers as well as providing the opportunity for members of the school and wider community to buy local, fresh and seasonal produce and meet the farmers. The schools are part of the ground breaking Food for Life Partnership which is transforming food culture in schools throughout England.

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This project is generously supported by the City Bridge Trust.

City Bridge Trust

If you need any further information, please contact Rupert Aker on 0117 914 2422 or

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Farm Academy update

Helen Carey: For the last three years I've been running the Soil Association's London Farm Academy project which is part of the Food For Life Partnership and is funded principally by the City Bridge Trust. I have been working with five schools each year - a mixture of both primary and secondary. In a nutshell it is about getting young people out on residential stays at organic farms of between 2-3 nights (or day visits in some cases) followed by running their very own farmers' market back at school.

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