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Course details

Bread Matters sourdough special

Starts: 21 September 2013 10:00
Ends: 22 September 2013 16:00

Macbiehill Farmhouse, Lamancha, near Edinburgh

This course is for:

  • people with some breadmaking experience who have become fascinated with sourdough and want to know all about it
  • near beginners who don’t want to waste time with yeasted breads when sourdough seems to offer everything they want (but who may have been confused by over-complicated recipes)
  • former Bread Matters students who’ve had a taste of the sour stuff on a basic course and need a proper fix
  • cooks, chefs and other food workers who want to broaden their baking experience

You will learn:

  • how to start and maintain sourdoughs made from several types of flour with no fuss (so no pointless ‘feeding’)
  • to manage the cycle of refreshment and use over various timescales that fit easily with bakers’ actual lives
  • about the interactions of natural yeasts and lactic acid bacteria and how to manage acidity and proof time
  • about the role of sourdough bacteria in modifying proteins and the importance of this for dough structure, eating quality and digestibility
  • how to handle high water content sourdough breads to enjoy wonderfully chewy results

You will make and take home:

  • six or seven different sourdough products and starters to continue the process indefinitely

You will also get:

  • a signed copy of Bread Matters by Andrew Whitley
  • an organic fairtrade cotton apron
  • coffee, lunch and tea (all organic, with much of the food grown on the Macbiehill smallholding)
  • a three-course dinner on the first evening (partners or friends can come too, for an extra charge).

‘A most enjoyable, fun and informative two days. Feel skilled up and ready to bake bread.’

‘I cannot begin to tell you what an unbelievably good time I had over the bread making weekend.  I can't stop telling people how good it was, I am becoming a real bread bore... If I were 10 years younger instead of being the old lady of the course I would be baking for my village.’

Cost: £415 (including VAT)

20% discount on any course booked and paid for in full before 30th September 2013. Please telephone 01968 660 449 or email to book and quote your Soil Association Membership Number to get your discount.

Please visit our website for further details:

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