Restaurants, cafés and pubs

It’s time to take a good look at the food you offer to children and the service you provide for families.

Our investigation into 21 of the most popular high street chains has revealed that many are not making the grade – children’s menus are lacking in variety and imagination and children’s needs are not always being considered. How do you compare?

Along with parents, we’re calling on you to take five steps towards offering real food and choices to children. It's time for change.

We want every restaurant, café and pub who serves food to children to:

Number one

Offer all children the choice of a child's portion of adult meals

Number 2

Serve freshly prepared food, not ready meals

Number 3

Offer free water to all families on arrival

Number 4

Offer children’s cutlery as standard

Number 5

Make breastfeeding mums feel welcome

Take action

A few changes could make all the difference

Download our toolkitDownload our toolkit to find out what is expected of any establishment serving food to children, and check out how you compare.

Be the best

We will be showcasing leading restaurants, pubs and cafés and those that are making improvements later this year. To be featured all you need to do is let us know what you’re doing via our short online survey. We’ll be in touch!

Show your support

Download and display the I Support Out to Lunch badge on your website or Facebook page, or the Out to Lunch poster in your window, to show your customers you are supporting the campaign to improve the food and service offered to children.

Tell the world

Let everyone know what you are doing to provide good food choices for children in your establishment and share your photos of your children’s menus and meals using the hashtag #OutToLunchUK.

Our restaurant ratings

Which restaurants could do better? Find out in our league table.

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