Calling all parents

Out to lunch Facebook profile pictureWith the help of parents like you, we are campaigning to improve the food and service offered to children and families when they eat out - get involved!

Eating out should be a real treat for children, but at the moment the food and service pubs and restaurants offer isn't making the grade. We surveyed 21 of the most popular high street restaurants and pubs and found none of them are providing the standard we should expect:

  • Just one chain offers children’s cutlery as standard
  • The majority have menus dominated by the usual suspects like chicken nuggets, burgers and sausages
  • Nearly half don't offer a pudding with a portion of fruit it in
  • 8 of the 21 don't provide a portion of veg or salad in the majority of their main meals

What we're fighting for

We want every restaurant, café and pub who serves food to children to:

Number one

Offer all children the choice of a child's portion of adult meals

Number 2

Serve freshly prepared food, not ready meals

Number 3

Offer free water to all families on arrival

Number 4

Offer children’s cutlery as standard

Number 5

Make breastfeeding mums feel welcome

We need your help!

To see change, we need to let restaurants know that the food and service they offer to children is not good enough. There are three easy actions you can take:

Share your experiences

We are meeting with top chain restaurants to put pressure on them to improve and let them know your opinions. Let us and other parents know what you think of children's food in restaurants and share your photos of children's menus and meals using the hashtag #OutToLunchUK.

Spread the word

Tell your friends, family and colleagues about the campaign to help raise awareness.

Our restaurant ratings

How is your favourite restaurant doing? Find out in our league table.

Out to lunch league table

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