Calling all parents

With the help of parents like you, we are campaigning to improve the food and service offered to children and families when they eat out.

Family Eating Out Guide

We’ve put together a guide for parents who want to take their children out for a real treat, and who care about the food their family eats. The guide will help you as a parent to choose which restaurant to eat in, and understand what is important to you when making the decision. It includes tips on how to ensure that your kids eat a balanced meal once you are in the restaurant, and guidance on how you can become a restaurant critic and influence high street chains to give a better service to your children.

Download the guide here:


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The power is in your hands.


We want every restaurant, café and pub who serves food to children to:

  1. Make water freely available and remove sugary drinks from the menu
  2. Provide children’s cutlery as standard
  3. Serve freshly prepared food, not ready meals
  4. Serve a portion of veg with every meal and fruit-based puddings
  5. Use quality ingredients such as free range and organic
  6. Let children choose from the main menu
  7. Make breast feeding mums feel welcome

The more we ask for what our children deserve, the more restaurants, pubs and cafes will listen and make changes.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Rate your plate! We want you to become a restaurant critic, and rate your plate when you go out to lunch with your family. Was the food served to your kids fresh and healthy? Did they give you a family friendly welcome? Rate your meal out of 5, and write a one sentence review.
  • Take photos of your kids’ meals. Whether the meal was good or bad, take a photo to share on the restaurant’s social media pages!
  • Post on social media. Follow the link below to the restaurant’s social media page, and post the photo and the review along with hashtag #OutToLunchUK.


Jamie's Italian
Cafe Rouge
Pizza Express
ASK Italian
Frankie & Benny's
Brewers Fayre
Hungry Horse
Pizza Hut
Burger King


Stay in touch

We’re meeting with top chain restaurants to put pressure on them to improve and let them know your opinions. Let us and other parents know what you think of children's food in restaurants and share your photos of children's menus and meals using the hashtag #OutToLunchUK.

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