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If you want to stop the introduction of huge pig factories to the UK, we need your help now.

Help us campaign against a dramatic escalation of industrial pig farming in the UK. If we don’t act now, thousands of pigs in the future could be kept in massive factories - changing British farming forever.

Midland Pig Producers has now resubmitted its plan for an indoor pig factory for 2,500 mother pigs (sows) and around 20,000 piglets, with 1,000 pigs going for slaughter each week. We have compiled scientific evidence from around the world which suggests that raising pigs on this scale could risk having a serious impact on human health - as well as on the welfare of pigs. We will be objecting to the proposal on the grounds that the extremely high number of pigs housed in one location may increase the level of disease on the holding and over time that may pose a threat to the local community at the very least. 

We need your help though. If you agree with us, take action - sign our letter to keep up the pressure and let Derbyshire County Council know that we don't want thousands of pigs to be forced to spend their entire lives indoors.

Summary of evidence

Below is a summary of the key point of our evidence, for more information please read our briefing on Mega pig farms and their potential impact on human health.

  • pig farming accounts for approximately 60% of all UK farm antibiotic use
  • research shows that the levels of disease and the use of antibiotics both increase as pig farms get bigger
  • larger herd size is linked with higher levels of many diseases in pigs, including some that can cause illness in people
  • for certain bacteria, such as salmonella and campylobacter, most of the antibiotic resistance in human infections comes from farm-animal antibiotic use
  • resistance to antibiotics can transfer between both animals and humans and this occurs more frequently, and with far greater ease, than was previously believed
  • a number of very serious new types of antibiotic resistance have developed in recent years and several of these are increasing in farm animals
  • C. difficile ‘superbug’ bacteria which has been found in hospitals is a growing problem in pigs worldwide, and the latest research shows that at least one strain of the pathogen is now present in British pigs
  • there is growing evidence that C. difficile may be spreading from pig farms to humans through the environment
  • there is concern about the risk of Pig MRSA spreading to the UK; it is now well established that people working with MRSA positive pigs, such as farmers, veterinarians, and even their family members, are at risk of colonisation and infection - there have also been a number of very serious cases and deaths
  • there are real concerns that unless antibiotics are used much more sparingly we will soon find ourselves facing a range of serious diseases in humans and animals that can no longer be treated effectively.

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We need your help now to continue this campaign. When we originally submitted our objections to this proposal last year, the powerful libel lawyers Carter Ruck attempted to silence us for simply raising our concerns about this pig factory in Derbyshire. Our legal costs and the costs of compiling the scientific evidence have already run into thousands of pounds. And the costs are increasing every day. We have diverted staff and resources to support this work because we believe the way that farm animals are reared is critical to how we feed ourselves in the future. 





Not in my banger

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Take action - sign our letter to keep up the pressure and let Derbyshire County Council know that we don’t want thousands of pigs to be forced to spend their entire lives indoors.

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