Transition payments news

15 October 2013

The Scottish Government recently announced one-year extensions to agri-environment Rural Priorities Contracts, including organic agreements, that were due to expire on December 31, 2013. We are delighted that maintenance payments will be continued for another year, giving security for those who were wondering what would happen next year.

However, we are disappointed that no money has been allocated for conversion to organic production. We are seeing demand increasing for organic land to grow horticultural crops and beef prices are at an all time high, so we need to support more farmers and growers into conversion. This is a real concern when when organic spend in Scotland is on the rise. Recent figures show a year-on-year increase of 6.1% to £13.4 million* over a 12 week period ending 9th June 2013. Interestingly, Scottish spend is increasing at a higher rate than the rest of the UK where expenditure is only up by 4.2% to £187.4m for the same period.
*Total spending on organic grocery in Scotland was valued at £13.4 million for the 12 weeks ending 9th June 2013 (£187.4 million for GB).
This represents a year-on-year increase of 6.1% for Scotland, compared to an increase of 4.2% for GB as a whole.
Source: Kantar Worldpanel

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