Financing farmland acquisition

18 July 2013

Day two of our Access to land events took us to Triodos Bank where we explored current developments in community ownership of land in the UK and Europe. Various tools and models for financing farmland acquisition were presented, analysed, compared and contrasted.

Participants included current and potential non-profit landowners, community groups and new farmers seeking to buy land and people and organisations interested in funding access to land. The event allowed emerging land projects to consolidate their learning by working on their next steps to secure land for sustainable farming.


Introduction - Martin Large of the Biodynamic Land Trust

The role of an ethical bank in farmland ownership – Ian Price, Triodos

Tools: The Why, What and How of Community Shares, Martin Large, the Biodynamic Land Trust

Farming and Business: a dynamic partnership - Sebastian Parsons, Stockwood Community Benefit Society (CBS) and Rush Farm

Crowdfunding and funding farmland acquisition - Michael Norton, Buzzbnk

Channelling citizen capital into sustainable regional structures - Christian Hiss, Regionalwert AG,

How Terre de Liens raises finance for farm purchases - Sjoerd Wartena, Terre de liens

 We also heard from the Zoe Wangler of the Ecological Land Co-operative:

This event was part of Grundtvig funded EU wide project on access to land for sustainable farming. The project is led by French land trust Terre de Liens whose phenomenal story saw them raise over €30 million to fund the purchase over 100 organic and biodynamic farms.

More information on the project and participating organisations is available here.

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Financing farmland acquisition

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