Comment: Foston pig farm development

26 June 2013

  In a vote last night, South Derbyshire District Council upheld its objection to the proposed large scale pig farm in Foston. As the key democratic representative of local opinion, the District Council's continued, steadfast opposition, is bad news for Midland Pig Producers. The District Council has stood by local residents since they first objected to the plans in 2009.

Peter Melchett, Policy Director at the Soil Association said; “We welcome the decision from South Derbyshire District Council to oppose the proposed pig factory at Foston. But almost four years on from the original planning proposal, local residents are still living with uncertainty. The Soil Association opposed this large scale intensive pig farm due to the human health impacts this particular farming system could have on the local community. Recently, new evidence for negative impacts on human health from large scale livestock systems has been published, with the chief medical officer acknowledging the problems of antibiotic resistance in humans and linking this to intensive livestock farming. The growing problem was raised at the recent G8 meeting.

“We support diverse, human scale farming which enhances the beauty of our countryside and sustains rural communities, cares for the health and welfare of our farm animals, provides meaningful work for people, and a flexible, resilient food supply that we can depend on into the future. The solution is not to create huge-scale intensive operations that threaten our landscape, farming and rural communities. Large-scale industrial farms may be able to produce food a little more cheaply in the short term, mostly through reducing the number and cost of people employed, as automation diminishes the need for husbandry skills. But we will end up paying a high price for what may be marginally cheaper food.”

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