Press comment on the reported decline in organic farming

17 June 2013


Commenting on Tom Bawden's article in the Independent (16 June 2013)  on the decline in land under organic management, Martin Davies, Head of Farming at the Soil Association said, "Last year was a real challenge to all farmers, whether organic or not, and whilst there has been a decline in the area of land under organic production, a real long-term opportunity is presenting itself".

"The soon to be published Organic farming – the business case will clearly demonstrate that organic farming has outperformed similar non-organic farms financially when compared over a six-year period. In addition, the recent Organic Market Report published by the Soil Association and latest Kantar data shows that consumers are coming back to organic products. Processors are looking to purchase more organic beef, milk, cereals and vegetables, so with market growth, profitable production techniques, and limited organic land mass, now might be a great time to consider converting to organic".




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