Woodmark welcomes EU Timber Regulation

15 March 2013


On 3rd March 2013, the European Union (EU) Timber Regulation came into force, making it a crime to introduce illegally harvested timber and wood products into the EU market. This is good news for the world’s forests and for the people and ecosystems that depend on them.

Importing companies are required to have a “due diligence system” to show that they have taken steps to ensure that all their timber based products have a negligible risk of originating from forests where harvesting breaks national laws or is subject to corruption.

Woodmark has applied to the EU to become a Monitoring Organisation. We have developed a comprehensive Due Diligence system (DDS) which operators ( companies who import timber products into the EU) - can use to show they comply with the EU Timber Regulations. Use of the DDS will show their products have been through a rigorous process of risk mitigation to screen out all potentially illegal sources. For more information, and to find out whether you are affected, please see our EUTR FAQ on our website http://www.sacert.org/woodmark/verificationoflegalcompliance/timberlegalityfaq and also the EU’s own information http://ec.europa.eu/environment/eutr2013/

Woodmark also has VLC (Verification of Legal Compliance) standards for forests which are not ready for FSC® or PEFC certification, and for passing on VLC claims down the supply chain. These are ideal when the Due Diligence process shows that the available documents can’t be relied on to prove legality. The standards and more information can be found on our website here: http://www.sacert.org/woodmark/verificationoflegalcompliance

You are welcome to contact Beck Woodrow bwoodrow@soilassociation.org if you have any questions not answered by the FAQ.




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