Buying organic helps consumers make a confident choice

08 February 2013

With the news that the Food Standards Agency has ordered all British companies to test their processed beef products in the next week, after more horse meat contamination was found in lasagne, British consumers are increasingly faced with difficult choices when buying their food. One of the problems is that people don’t know where their food has come from or what’s in it and as a result of the ‘horsemeat scandal’ consumers are losing confidence in the food they are buying and the companies they are buying it from.

This sort of problem underlines the value of the integrity of supply chains and traceability of sources, such as those found in the organic system. A positive choice people can make to feel more confident in the food they eat and feed to their families is to buy meat and other produce certified as organic.

Organic supply chains are regularly inspected at every stage and the Soil Association provides rigorous certification standards, developed in partnership with experts across the country. We work closely with our licensees on their production and processing systems to maintain integrity and to ensure consumers are getting a true organic product.

Rob Sexton, CEO, Soil Association Certification said "Organic is a highly regulated food system. Any product sold as ‘organic’ must comply with strict rules assuring consumers they are buying genuine products that can be fully traceable back to the farm. Independent organic inspectors accredit every step of the supply chain, meaning buying organic offers consumers a more confident choice about the food they buy and eat".

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