Trade on Greenpeace's field at Glastonbury 2013

08 January 2013

Since the early nineties Greenpeace have been one of the lead charities invited by the Glastonbury Festival to operate at the festival where they have their
own field on which they promote themselves and their international campaigns.

The subject of food, where and how it is produced has always been a concern to Greenpeace and for the first time at the Glastonbury festival last year
they created a small farmer's market to express and promote this. It was a great success and Greenpeace would like to expand it in both size and quality this year.

Five days at such a famous festival attended by 170,000 people is rather different from your local market town but traders who came last time did rise to the challenge and it's more of these that Greenpeace are looking for. Greenpeace would like traders to be organic as they also host the Soil Association and the Fairtrade Foundation on their field. It's a vegetarian affair, athough they may consider sustainable fish products. Greenpeace create a large seating area, so are not looking for anything that needs cooking by customers themselves. More of a pick and mix market with finger food suitable for a picnic.

There are currently 10 pitches available. Greenpeace have included some details of roughly how much it would cost per pitch.

  • Vendors will have a pitch to accommodate a stall and day-to-day storage; the pitch fee is set at the festival’s discretion. Sizes start at 3m x 3m and go up in stages to 9m x 6m.
  • The pitch fee will be worked out by the Glastonbury festival traders office and include a number of working staff passes, normally based on the cost of your pitch. Limited additional staff working passes can be purchased.
  • Utilities (electricity/water) will be charged separately by the festival’s service providers
  • Greenpeace will be making this more economical for all by providing shared storage (incl.fridges/coldrooms), the cost of which is shared. They also provide onsite camping and vehicle parking.

The festival opens to the public on Wednesday 26th June – Sunday 30th June with access for traders to set up well in advance.

If you are interested in applying to trade on the Greenpeace field next year please contact Katy Duffy, Mobile: 07545 203 658. Landline: 020 7865 8140



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