HRH and Welsh Government support the growth of the Catering Mark in Wales

19 July 2012

On 12th July Alun Davies, Wales’ Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, hosted the Welsh Food Summit in partnership with Peter Davies, Commissioner for Sustainable Futures, on behalf of the Welsh Government.

The event was opened by The Prince of Wales at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, and brought together people from different parts of the food supply chain to give their views on how the Welsh Government could strengthen its work to support sustainable food production.

The Deputy Minister said: “The Welsh Government is committed to delivering a thriving economy and sustainable employment, and the food and drink industry in Wales plays a vital part in this.”

Outcomes from the day will help to inform the Welsh Government’s approach to improving the way the local food system currently works. Specific actions included the expansion of the Soil Association’s Food for Life Catering Mark in Wales.

HRH The Prince of Wales highlighted the need for an integrated approach to food production to stimulate rural enterprise as well as promoting local produce, and identified the Food for Life Catering Mark as one of the initiatives working to bring about this change.

He said: “Lots of other things are being done to help this happen. The Soil Association, for instance, has its Food for Life Catering Mark, which I am pleased to hear has recently been extended into Wales.”

The Food for Life Catering Mark is continuing to grow significantly, with over 100 million Catering Mark approved meals served every year. Some of these are already being served in Wales. Two children's nurseries are providing bronze standard food to the under 5’s in Cardiff and St. David's, and a number of Welsh universities and local authorities are interested in demonstrating their commitment to serving a high standard of food by achieving the bronze award.

The Soil Association is delighted by the Welsh Government’s commitment to improve the sustainability of local food systems, and is committed to supporting the growth of the Catering Mark in Wales. The scheme’s focus on freshly prepared, local, organic, free range and fair trade ingredients could have significant positive impacts on health, the local economy, local producers and the environment.

For more information on the Food for Life Catering Mark please visit our website.


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