Push for organic milk hits second phase

21 May 2010

The Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative has signed up TV presenter Kate Humble for the new phase of its £2 million campaign to promote organic milk.

The new phase – themed ‘Break the habit' – highlights the effects that milk purchases have on the environment and encourages consumers to switch to organic milk instead and tackles consumer misconceptions about the cost and benefits of organic.

"With ‘Break the Habit’ we hope to encourage shoppers to consider this process and the benefits that organic milk can offer them and their families as well as our countryside and its wildlife," Kate explains. 

"A very simple, low-cost change in our shopping behaviour will make a big difference. If just 5% of those currently buying conventional milk switch to organic, it would turn something in the order of 52,000 acres into organic land. That's an area around the size of Greater Birmingham free of artificial chemical fertilisers in which biodiversity can thrive."

A TV ad will run for five weeks on terrestrial, digital and satellite channels, supported by an outdoor ad campaign, in-store floor posters placed near the fixture and trolley ads.

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