Looking to supply Scotland's schools?

16 April 2010

Soil Association Scotland is updating the Food for Life Scotland sourcing document.

“The Food for Life Scotland sourcing document is a list of producers in Scotland who can provide schools direct with organic produce, including meat, fish eggs, dairy, dry goods, bread, fruit and vegetables.,” says Lyn Matheson, of Soil Association Scotland.

“We give the list to schools who are looking to source local, organic produce. If you supply quality organic produce, and you want to access the growing market for supplying Scotland’s schools, we want to hear from you.”

Soil Association Scotland’s Food for Life campaign is widely recognised as leading the way on the provision of fresh, local and organic food for Scotland's schools. The campaign specifies that school catering services work towards using 75% fresh and unprocessed, 50% local, and 30% organic ingredients.

To find out more – or to submit you details – contact Lyn Matheson on 0131 666 0847 or lmatheson@soilassociation.org

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