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The early Soil Association’s warnings about the danger of pesticides

05 November 2010

The early Soil Association played a key role in drawing attention to the potential threats posed by the emerging widespread use of pesticides in agriculture, helping laying the ground work for future restrictions on their use.

For health, peace and permanence

04 November 2010

Recently, I found myself standing outside a conference room as it emptied of delegates following a meeting convened by the Soil Association. The meeting had been about the marketing and branding of organic food. During the meeting, several marketing...

12 November deadline to comment on Scotland's Organic Action Plan

04 November 2010

Soil Association members have until Friday 12 November to comment on the draft Organic Action Plan action.

New organic demonstration farm seeks to produce food from the forest

04 November 2010

Organic Centre Wales recently held the first open day at a new demonstration farm which it manages as part of the Farming Connect Organic Development Programme.

For health, peace and permanence

30 October 2010

The organic 'brand' represents a force for real change in the world, with its underpinning philosophy being a radical challenge to the prevailing ideology. Lawrence Woodward examines what makes Organic different and what needs to be done by the orga...

Report on Charles Dowding farm walk, Somerset

29 October 2010

Pioneering ‘no dig’ grower and Soil Association producer member Charles Dowding welcomed 20 enthusiastic growers and Soil Association staff members around his two acres of gardens in Shepton Montaque, Somerset on a fine crisp afternoon in mid-October...

EU food safety chief forced to quit GM lobby role

28 October 2010

A key figure in charge of food safety within the EU has been forced to quit her director role at a pro-GM group, reports The Ecologist .

Organic sales up in September

25 October 2010

Sales of organic food and drink through supermarkets reached £82m during September, an increase of 15.5% on the previous four-weeks, data from Kantar Worldpanel shows.

Organic Fortnight 2010 - another successful year

30 September 2010

This year the key slogan for our Organic Fortnight was “Choose organic every day”, positioning organic products as an accessible, affordable everyday choice.

What tools do we need for the CAP of tomorrow? Have your say on the online forum

29 September 2010

The Soil Association has set up a discussion thread on the Farmer's Weekly website dicussion forum on Common Agricultural Policy reform ahead of the Soil Association's CAP Reform event next Thursday in London.
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