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Groundbreaking research proves the benefits of buying organic milk throughout the year

17 January 2011

The Soil Association welcomes a new report from scientists at Newcastle University which shows that organic milk is higher in beneficial nutrients and fatty acids throughout the year. It comes in a long line of research proving the benefits of buyin...

GM chickens 'potentially pose a greater threat to human health' and 'an attempted cover up for flawed farming'

14 January 2011

The Soil Association is strongly opposed to the development of GM chickens which are claimed to be genetically engineered to stop them spreading avian influenza. This proposed development does not tackle the underlying cause of serious disease outbr...

New campaign launches to highlight benefits of organic

07 January 2011

The organic industry launches a high profile 3-year campaign that is set to deliver sales growth by increasing consumer demand for organic food in the UK.

Conference set to deliver three key sessions for trade

16 December 2010

Our 2011 conference offers three comprehensive trade elements which will be of interest to any business operating in the organic market.

One in four farming families living in poverty

10 December 2010

One in four farming families are living below the poverty line, according to a study by the Commission for Rural Communities.

Apology to Calon Wen members

09 December 2010

An article about the Calon Wen organic dairy cooperative in the current issue of Organic Farming magazine (issue 105) contains an error.

Notes from Soil Association's 'Understanding Soils' event, Laverstoke Park

06 December 2010

Over 80 delegates attended the Soil Association's Understanding Soil event at Laverstoke Park, in Hampshire, on 1 December. It was fascinating day with numerous expert presentations and discussions on the association between soil biology and the avai...

More evidence required on cloning

26 November 2010

Despite the Food Standards Agency claiming that meat and milk from cloned animals is ‘hypothetically safe’, they admit that: ‘the current evidence on the composition of meat and milk is relatively limited, and further evidence is required on how the...

Growing for the future

25 November 2010

In her second year of the Soil Association Organic Apprenticeship scheme, Laura Creen explains what drove her to the scheme, and what her hopes and amibtions for the future are.

Peak phosphorous

25 November 2010

The supply of phosphorus from mined phosphate rock could ‘peak’ as soon as 2033, after which this non-renewable resource will become increasingly scarce and expensive. We are completely unprepared to deal with the shortages in phosphorus inputs and ...
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