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Soil Association calls for ban on Glyphosate: the world’s most widely sold weedkiller

15 July 2015

Three months ago, the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), concluded ‘Glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans’. The newly recognised dangers of Glyphosate come against a background of increased use in...

HRH the Prince of Wales sees the benefits of quantifying the use of grass leys on Welsh farm visit

13 July 2015

On Friday (10 July 2015) The Prince of Wales, Patron of the Soil Association, visited an organic livestock farm in Wales. Maesllwyni Farm, is hosting a field lab as part of the Duchy Future Farming Programme that will give farmers tangible measurabl...

Organic News - Bees struggle to adapt as climate changes

10 July 2015

ENVIRONMENT Bees struggle to adapt as climate changes New research published in the journal, Science, has found that changing temperatures and extreme weather patterns are seriously affecting bees' ability to migrate, set up new homes and thrive. Ti...

Organic Dragon's Den

07 July 2015

Got an organic product idea that you'd like to grow? 19th August, Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh Soil Association Scotland will be welcoming a new group of businesses into the den this August, for our second round of Organic Dragon’s Den. A short list...

Organic News - How will you organic your September?

03 July 2015

ORGANIC How will you organic your September? Last year's Organic September saw a 4% uplift in sales of organic during that month alone. This year, the Soil Association is publishing an interactive Organic30 list, which will offer tips on how to make...

Comment on the Government's decision to reject 'emergency' application for neonics

03 July 2015

Peter Melchett, Soil Association policy director said: “We welcome the government’s decision which is clearly based on the increasing scientific evidence that neonicotinoids damage not just bees but other wildlife.

Pop-up organic food & drinks market at Glasgow Botanics

03 July 2015

12th of September, 10am till 3pm. It’s Time to Celebrate Organic! Soil Association Scotland is hosting a one day pop-up market showcasing some of Scotland’s best organic produce. We’re keen to introduce the public to our wonderful organic farmers an...

An opportunity to consider conversion

02 July 2015

The potential for organic farming is looking brighter than for some time: the new proposed payments for organic farmers are set to be more generous than in past years, the market growth for organic food continues to outstrip markets for non-organic ...

Soil Association Scotland had a great time at the Show

01 July 2015

Soil Association Scotland staff had a great Show this year, and enjoyed visits from Environment Minister Dr Aileen McLeod and members of the Scottish Government, as well as farmers and growers, consumers who came to say hello to Helen Browning, new ...

Soil Association urges farmers not to spray Glyphosate in first harvest since WHO announced possible links to cancer

30 June 2015

This harvest, the Soil Association is urging cereal farmers not to spray Glyphosate on milling wheat crops – to reduce the amount of this probable carcinogen turning up in British bread. Three months ago, the World Health Organisation’s Internationa...
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