The need for a Land Trust

Our farming future

Against the backdrop of growing concern about climate change, resource depletion, food security and the need for more localised food systems, it has become an urgent priority to ensure that land is managed organically and sustainably. The Land Trust will protect our farming future by ensuring we have land that produces good quality, climate-friendly food now and for future generations.

Succession and stewardship

Retirement or death does not need to mean the loss of a life’s work. Farmers and landowners who are passionately committed to the ongoing stewardship of their land can ensure their work continues by leaving it to the Land Trust. We provide peace of mind by offering to hold and manage land in perpetuity. Organic and sustainable farming practice will ensure strong stewardship of the land, keeping it in good heart, now and for the future.

The next generation

The Land Trust will help people who are new to farming and growing to make a first successful step on the farming ladder by giving them access to land, skills and resources, helping them develop viable and sustainable businesses. By developing an innovative range of land tenure models, training programmes and shared capital opportunities, we can respond flexibly to the individual needs of both farms and farmers.

Engaging the public

If we want people to enjoy the beauty of the countryside and to understand the importance of food and farming in our society – to feel truly connected with the land in a way that inspires and educates – it’s vital to give them access to farms. We work with our farmers and growers to open their farms to the public in ways that work for them – from one-off open days to year-round programmes of school and community group visits.