Summerhill Farm, Devon

At just under 100 acres, Summerhill is a small mixed organic farm in the heart of the beautiful mid-Devon countryside. A patchwork of meadows, hedges, arable fields, woods and orchards with an old drover’s road running along the valley floor close by the river, it’s here that Ben and Alice Moseley have made their new home.

A share farming agreement with the Land Trust has given them an opportunity which they otherwise could not have afforded – to manage and run their own farm.

“As a first generation farmer, I know how hard it is to break into farming and the barriers that can present themselves, not least having access to land and the capital requirements needed to get started.” says Ben.

A suckler herd of red ruby Devon cattle graze the pasture, producing premium quality beef. Ben and Alice have introduced black Welsh mountain sheep, Christmas geese, award winning eggs from ‘Ben’s hens’ and vegetables to the farm enterprises. Oats are grown to provide feed for the animals with the straw used for winter bedding.

People are a vital part of the picture. Two Mongolian yurts for camping holidays means you can stay on the farm and take in the beautiful countryside, at the same time as learning more about sustainable farming and food. Sharing the farm experience with the public is crucial to both the Land Trust and Ben and Alice’s approach.

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