Manor Organic Farm, Leicestershire

Graeme Matravers and his wife Vivienne took over the tenancy of Manor Farm in 1994 and immediately set about converting it to organic. Today it is home to a pedigree flock of Lleyn sheep, a beef herd of local rare breed cattle, chickens, Christmas turkeys, an organic farm shop and organic bakery.

Around the farm local wildflowers – grown specifically to attract beneficial insects such as lacewings, hoverflies and ladybirds – flourish in maintained hedgerows. An integrated rotation means crops can be grown specifically for the farm’s needs including wheat which is milled at a windmill in Nottingham and used in the bakery.

“We believe that organic farming is a positive philosophy, and is more than just avoiding the use of artificial chemicals and fertilisers. It is an approach to farming which views the farm as a whole system in harmony with the natural surroundings and nature itself.” says Graeme.

Graeme and Vivienne welcome visitors to the farm. The farm trail is open all year round and the old granary is now converted to a meeting room used by visiting schools and visitors. The wetland, new woodland, ancient pasture and managed hedges are all examples of the conservation work taking place.

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