Access to land events

In June and July 2013 the Soil Association ran a series of events on access to land for farming, in partnership with Biodynamic Land Trust. These events are part of a Grundtvig-funded EU wide project led by French land trust Terre de Liens whose phenomenal story saw them raise over €22million to fund the purchase over 100 organic and biodynamic farms.

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Preserving land for local, sustainable agriculture is becoming a growing issue in many parts of Europe. With competing land uses, such as urban development and infrastructure, agricultural land is declining and small-scale farms are fast disappearing. With an aging rural workforce and a shortage of young people entering agriculture, there are fears of further rural decline.

Over the last 10 years, a number of European civic initiatives have emerged to address the difficulties faced by local, sustainable farmers in accessing land. These initiatives have involved the acquisition of land through investment and donations from the public, and agreements with landowners that provide land on favourable terms to farmers.

The informal European Network of Civic Initiatives on Access to Land for Sustainable Agriculture brings together 12 organisations from seven countries. They include:

Soil Association Land Trust and the Biodynamic Land Trust in the UK
Terre-en-vue and Land-in-zicht in Belgium
Regionalwert AG in Germany
Terre de liens in France
Xarxa de custodia del territori and Rurbans/Terra Franca in Catalunya, Spain
Associazione italiana per l’agricoltura biologica, Terre future, and Campi aperti in Italy
• Vivasol in Lithuania

For more information contact Rachel Harries

These events in Bristol have taken place thanks to the kind support of:

  • Biodynamic Land Trust
  • Community Land Advisory Service
  • Funding Enlightened Agricultural   
  • Triodos Bank

Images from the Access to land events