Join a Soil Association Group

Vibrant local food communities are vital for the food systems of the future. Soil Association groups work at local and regional levels to contribute to the transformation of the UK's food culture.

Our voluntary groups are celebrating local organic food; running educational community events with local farms; organising food festivals; growing organic produce; learning and sharing knowledge about organic farming and growing; and influencing people’s attitudes. Soil Association Groups are diverse in size, structure and membership, but all share our vision of a sustainable future for food and farming.

When you join a Soil Association Group you will benefit from:

  • New contacts with a network of people who have shared interests
  • Improved access to local organic food
  • Opportunities to promote and develop a local food culture
  • Greater understanding of issues facing food and farming

Contact your nearest group

The Soil Association has over 20 groups across the UK.

Start a Soil Association Group

All our groups are run by volunteers who want to make a difference in their local food community. If there is currently no group in your area, why not start up a new group? Our group resources include information and advice on how to find members, things to do and how to organise your group.

If you are already part of a voluntary group which is interested in becoming affiliated as a Soil Association Group please email or call 01179 142 447 for more details.

Already a Soil Association Group?

We have launched a monthly Soil Association Groups' e-newsletter which is filled with updates on the Soil Association’s current projects and campaigns and ways in which groups can get involved. It is also a place for you to share events, campaigns, talks, inspiration and success stories.

To sign up to the Soil Association Groups' e-newsletter email

Seeking some inspiration for your group's logo or website? See 'Raising the Profile' from the Norfolk Organic Group, for a helpful account of how they have revamped their website and re-designed their newsletters (including creating a new logo) – all on a shoe-string budget.

Community supported agriculture (CSA) and organic buying groups

If you're interested in getting more involved in where and how your food is grown, you may also be interested in our CSAs and Organic Buying Groups.

Become a Soil Association charity member

In addition to getting involved with a local group, you can make a vital contribution to the work of the Soil Association by becoming a member of the charity or by making a donation to our work. We could not carry out much of our work without the support of our members and donors.