Technical Information

The Low Carbon Farming project has created numerous factsheets that cover a range of topics to do with minimising agricultural emissions. Please see below, we hope you find them valuable.

All files are in pdf format, under 500KB in size.

Nutrient and Manure Management

Introduction – the role of nutrient and manure management in reducing farm emissions
Nutrient budgeting
Monitoring and assessing soil nutrient levels
Monitoring and assessing manure nutrient levels
Effect of nutrient type on emissions
Manure storage
Nutrient application (timings, rates, conditions, methods)

Soil and Grassland Management

Introduction – the role of soil and grassland management in reducing farm emissions and increasing carbon sequestration
Grassland management
Soil management
Soil biology
Organic matter management

Livestock Management

Introduction – the role of livestock management in reducing farm emissions
Diet and feeding
Fertility and breeding
Body condition scoring - Sheep
Body condition scoring - Beef
Body condition scoring - Dairy
Health and welfare

Renewable Energy

Grow your own energy
Reducing energy and fuel use on farm

With Southern Solar:
Focus on Solar PV
Focus on Solar Thermal

With Good Energy:
Focus on Heat Recovery
Focus on Wind
Focus on Hydro
Focus on Biomass
Focus on Anaerobic Digestion


Low Carbon Horticulture
Low Carbon Packaging
Low Carbon Storage and Transportation
Carbon footprinting on farms
Carbon footprint calculators - a case study comparision review
An introduction to low carbon farming
Introduction to climate change and agriculture
Introduction to Biochar

Case Studies

Farming to improve self sufficiency and lower emissions - Abbey Home Farm, Gloucestershire
Low carbon mixed farming - Summerhill Farm, Devon
Low carbon farming - maximising carbon sequestration - Woodland Valley Farm, Cornwall
Energy generation on farm - getting closer to nature - South Penquite Farm, Cornwall
Farmer of the year goes solar- Woodlands Farm, Lincolnshire
Low carbon farming and potatoes - Home Farm, Gloucestershire







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