Good food for all

For the Soil Association, good food, the best food, is organically grown, minimally processed, fairly traded, fresh and seasonal. And we believe this good food should be a right, not a privilege: we want to make sure everyone has access to food that is healthy for them and the planet.  As we have demonstrated through the Food for Life Partnership in schools, it is possible to transform food culture – and this transformation is urgently needed. Diet related health problems are already costing the NHS around £6 billion a year.

The Food for Life Partnership has shown a way forward that is having a real impact - improving the life and health chances of thousands of children. The Partnership has delivered benefits way beyond what anyone expected. Its impact on educational attainment has been dramatic, its engagement with communities has been extensive, and its real benefit to local economies has been timely, particularly in these tough economic times. 

Building on the success of the Food for Life Partnership is at the heart of the Soil Association's strategy – which puts ‘Good Food for All’ at its heart. We want to promote practical solutions that make sure everyone can access food that is healthy for both them and the planet. To do this work we want to continue with the great work we've been doing in the following areas:

We need your support

This programme is ambitious and needs to be properly resourced. The BIG Lottery Fund's grant for the Food for Life Partnership runs out at the end of 2011, while its grant to support our CSA works ends in the Spring of 2012. Unless alternative funding is secured, the future of this important work is uncertain. But your support can make a real difference: 

  • Your support will enable us to campaign on improving the quality of food served in hospitals, ensuring this is a priority for health providers 
  • Your support will enable us to continue supporting new community farm initiatives, helping communities across the country take control of producing their own local, healthy food
  • Your support will enable us to campaign for the adoption of Food for Life standards in nurseries, reaching children and toddlers at a key stage for their future health development 
  • Your support will help us develop a network of sustainable cities, which will improve the health of local people around the country as well as producing economic benefits in tough financial times.

This is a defining moment for the future health of our communities and our young people. We cannot afford to ignore the longer-term health challenges of a poorly-fed population. With your help we can campaign to improve life and health chances for all – especially the most vulnerable in our communities.

Good food is a right, not a privilege. If you can support our work with a donation of any size and help keep the crucial learning and experience of the Food for Life Partnership alive, please do.


Good food is a right, not a privilege. Please support our work to improve life and health chances for all by giving what you can.

School at a farm
sends a primary school child on their first ever farm visit
Person on a community farm
provides a day's training for an individual on setting up their own community farm scheme
School children on a farm
sends a whole school class on a farm visit to learn where their food comes from

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