Is there such a thing as organic honey?

It may seem strange that honey could be certified as organic. However, we do have standards for organic honey.

The standards for bee keeping cover everything from what the bees can be fed, to where the apiaries can be sited. For example:

The siting of the apiaries must:

  • Be on areas of land that are certified as organic
  • Ensure enough natural nectar, honeydew and pollen sources for bees and access to water
  • Be such that, within a radius of four miles from the apiary site, nectar and pollen sources consist essentially of organic crops and/or uncultivated areas (spontaneous vegetation) and crops not subject to the provisions of these standards but treated with low environmental impact methods such as those described in programmes developed under Regulation (EEC) No 2078/92 which cannot significantly affect the organic description of the beekeeping
  • Maintain enough distance, if necessary, from non-agricultural production sources that may lead to contamination, for example: urban centres, motorways, industrial areas, waste dumps or waste incinerators.

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