Do you have any vegan organic farms?

We are working closely with the Vegan Trust to set up a scheme which will enable consumers to identify organic products that have been produced without the use of animal products.

The new stock free organic standards in addition to traditional organic standards promote:

  • No animals for food production or commercial gain are to be kept on the registered holding.
  • No animal manures or products of animal or fish origin are used on the registered holding.
  • No animal fodder or bedding litter to be grown on the registered holding.

Prohibited practices include:

  • The systematic killing or maiming of any species of animal
  • Killing of animals in the name of sport on the registered holding
  • Poisoning animals
  • Shooting animals
  • Copper sulphate, copper oxychloride, copper ammonia carbonate.

Restricted practices include:

  • Coir and peat for propagation
  • Ducks that are kept to eat slugs and snails
  • Dogs or cats which are kept to control competing birds and mammals
  • The trapping of competing animals where crops may destroyed or there is a risk to human health
  • Natural pesticides, insecticides and biological controls
  • Flame weeding
  • Routine use of plastic mulches

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