What's the difference between The Soil Association and GOTS?

The Soil Association played a leading role in the development of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and is a quarter owner of Global Standard GmbH as well as having staff on the GOTS International Working Group (IWG), the Technical Committee and the Certifiers Council. The GOTS standard was developed to make trading more efficient for operators and provide clarity for consumers on what organic textiles are.

Since 2006 Soil Association Certification has been certifying businesses to the GOTS standard. There are several other certification bodies now working to GOTS globally, with around 3000 businesses in 55 countries certified to GOTS. Soil Association Certification operates a rigorous certification system, and our trusted symbol ensures high consumer confidence in the integrity of products certified by us.

Please note – leather, skins and hides are certified to the Soil Association standards. Contact us for more information.

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