Which other certification bodies certify beauty products?

The Cosmetics Organic Standard, or COSMOS-standard, is an initiative by Europe’s leading health and beauty standards organisations, including the Soil Association, to harmonise organic standards globally. The first products certified to these new standards are likely to hit the shelves in Spring 2011.

COSMOS is the first harmonised standard for organic and natural health and beauty which was finalised in January 2010. It is an international standard available for all companies and brands who want their products to be certified. The COSMOS group consists of five founding members, including the Soil Association, all of whom have played key roles in the development of our current understanding of certified organic and natural skincare. The four other members are Ecocert (France), Cosmebio (France), BDIH (Germany) and ICEA (Italy).

The objective of this new standard is ambitious and goes beyond all current requirements for organic and natural cosmetics. To get COSMOS-ORGANIC certification, 95% of a product’s agro-ingredients and 20% of the entire product must be organic. Products must also meet environmental standards for packaging and manufacturing, and use approved 'green chemistry' processes when modifying ingredients.

For more information visit www.cosmos-standard.org.

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